Keeping your travel tech simple

in order to be a more responsible travel blogger

The [last post of this series] on Responsible Travel Blogging should have helped you to choose the right format for reporting about your trip. You may have even set up your blog already, or opened a group on social media.

Now you wonder what you need to carry in order to keep people at home updated.

The most important thing is to find out about internet access, because for reporting to friends this is often the cheapest way.


You can check [ ] for a quick overview of big cities worldwide. But if you are travelling to the rural areas, free internet access is not always guaranteed.

I used to take notes for blog posts on a piece of paper, while still on the countryside, and I took it with me when we went to the next town. In the cybercafé the notes became a blog post that had to be sent immediately, because I never knew when I would have access to internet next time.

The moment my meditation skills were tested most: When I was just about to publish the blog post, had written lots of words, and then the electricity went.

comp notebook cam.jpg

When I stayed in Nairobi, we got Wi-Fi installed. Easy.

There are also more and more libraries, cafés, co-working spaces and hubs coming up where you can access internet.

And if you carry your laptop, you can either purchase a modem before you start the trip, or you buy it locally, once you have arrived.

Sometimes, data volumes and network cover can be shaky. I had to have my laptop run for one night straight in order to upload our videos (for which you can sign up [here ], by the way, if you like).


Most [formats ] can well be served on a smart phone. It usually makes much sense to buy a line from a local provider, which is the cheapest option in most cases. You can ask local friends about that. You can buy internet data in “bundles” like airtime, or subscribe for a regular monthly fee.

If you are in a more rural place, remember that you may not be able to charge your phone whenever you want. We don’t have electricity in [our house ], so I take my phone to the next shop that is connected to power and I pay a small fee every time I have it charged.

This infographic shows what you need to consider tech-wise.

Tech infographic

What are your tips for travel tech? How do you keep your loved ones updated? Let us know in the comments below!

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