Bandika is Kiswahili and means connect.

We want to create awareness among backpackers, volunteers, travelers, expats and global nomads. If you come to Kenya, Africa or the global South in general, you usually bring stereotypes with you. If you realise that you are subconsciously biased, your travel experience can be much more impactful.

We aim to open your eyes so that you start seeing the prejudices that influence your perception of the global South. It’s not about blaming and pointing fingers. It’s a discovery to make your journey even more exciting.

We don’t do political correctness. Instead, we honestly share our own experiences and show ways to deal with culture shock, confusion and communication problems. In that way we enable more responsible and sustainable connections.

Who we are

Antony studied Project Planning and Management and worked on Swedish farms and in Kenyan projects with diverse inernational groups. He is in charge of connecting travelers and Kenyans and takes care of bookings. Also, his insights and viewpoints find their way into Bandika.Antony

I volunteered three years with international groups. That’s how I learned to welcome foreigners – and that you shouldn’t break spaghetti in half. With Bandika I want to let people experience my own version of Kenya.

Laura is a writer and freelancer with a background in Cultural, African and Journalism Studies. She does most of the online things. But she also wants to help new arrivals with some of the Kenya hacks she accumulated in the last couple of years.

LauraI came to Kenya as a volunteer, student, intern, visitor and part of the family. It took me long to understand certain circumstances – and I’m still learning. Bandika is a wrap up of what I learned in all those years. Just less messy.

What we do

  • We learn, understand & share how cultural dynamics work.
  • We prepare travelers & hosts by changing their perspectives.
  • We share tips and directions & mediate.

What we stand for – Our Manifesto

manifesto simple upper

Click to see the whole manifesto.


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