Africa A to Z – An Alphabet of Stereotypes: A is for Acacia

This is a series exploring the stereotypes about Africa, in a neat alphabetical order.


A is for Acacia

Most of the species of acacia are found in Australia. And actually, after a taxonomical debate, many of those umbrella like trees growing in African countries should now be called mimosa.

A is for Aid

Africa doesn’t need aid. Most of the problems that are now tried to be solved by aid were caused by the donors in the first place. A lot of the money that is handed out as “aid” is going back to the donors. And despite few success stories, in the history of northern countries “helping” African countries there is a long and sad line of failed projects.

A is for AIDS

Most people with HIV/AIDS live in Africa. You can find all the numbers and statistics online. 35 Million people in the world live with HIV. Almost 25 Million of those live in Africa. That also means that about 975 Million people in Africa DON’T have HIV. And I am saying they LIVE. A more or less normal life, just with medication. What they suffer most from is stigmatisation, discrimination and generalisation.