You seek to explore the world and you want to do it consciously.

This free course inspires people traveling to African countries – and the global South in general – to make their trip a fulfilling experience.

travelers enjoying the view
You are traveling to a country in Africa. But you don’t know what to expect.

You want to make the most of your trip and still travel consciously.

You desire to take the paths less taken but you don’t want to miss out on the big adventure.

This course will open your mind and prepare you for your trip.

Expect bite-sized facts and a revealing collection of visuals and take-aways.

And be ready for some life changing eye-openers.


This course is not really going to be the road map to political correct backpacking, but I will give you some hands-down advice on dealing with all that “wilderness”, “deficits” and “authenticity” you find in the global South!

I intend to make you discover your own filter of colonial heritage. Please be very open and honest to yourself. It can be very disturbing.

Nothing you are thinking is “wrong”. Nothing I am thinking is “better”. Don’t feel guilty and don’t overthink. But be prepared for some deep insights that may change the way you look at your destination.

Let us scratch a bit on the surface of your world view.

In case you don’t manage to go through all or even some of the – painstakingly compiled, carefully curated, extremely skimped and absolutely worthwhile – material, you will find the key lessons and take-aways bold and unmissable for download in the end of each section. Those are also great for your review, maybe to print and take with you on your trip.

What you get

  • 12 emails pointing you to the 12 sections of the course
  • curated videos, visuals and articles from the web
  • my own video lessons and insights in the process I went through myself
  • printable take-aways, helpful homework, language checklists and travel diary prompts for each section

I am doing this for free – for you.

I went through the same process, only much less linear and guided. It was and still is eye-opening, and that is a bold understatement.

I use a lot of visuals from all over the interwebs which link directly to the source. You will find all links and more material at the sources and resources page.

I’m truly happy that you are here! Let’s dive right into it!