Section 1: Intro

So, you want to travel to Africa?!

hiking in valley kenya

The land of black soil and red sun. Full of lions and tigers. Where nature is still wild and life is still authentic. Where people live a poor but happy life. Where governments are corrupt and different tribes are fighting century-old wars.
A land that suffers from famine and Aids, but manages to keep up the traditional passion for dancing and drumming. A land whose people are more emotional and things are always a bit chaotic.
But your courage, your patience, your dedication and your adventurous spirit can make that land a better place. You will bring development and help the cradle of mankind.

rift valley and acacia tree
This might not seem wrong to you. And it isn’t. But it is only one side of the coin.

Actually it’s only half the side of a coin. These few sentences  are packed with stereotypes. Can you find the mistakes?

  • Africa is not a country.
  • The soil is not always black and the sun is not always red.
  • There are no tigers in Africa.
  • Most “wild” nature in Africa is fenced and called National Park.
  • Not everybody in Africa is poor.
  • Not everybody in Africa is happy.
  • Not everybody in the governments is corrupt.
  • A tribe is a concept invented by colonialists.
  • Conflicts are not based on ethnicity or community.
  • There are starving people and HIV positive people in the global North, too.
  • Not every African can dance and drum. It is not an inborn characteristic.
  • Africans are not more emotional or chaotic than anyone else.
  • There is nothing courageous about going to an African country. Anybody can do it. For us global Northeners it is even easier because we enjoy various privileges.
  • Africa doesn’t need help.

But who am I to tell you? Watch the video below. Password: Section One

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