Section 2: How Racism works

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By growing up in the global North, we carry some heavy luggage with us. Colonialism was based on certain ideas of inequalities between humans.

Ideas are not easily eradicated from society.

We look at things through a filter. It was given to us by our parents, our teachers, movies, advertisements and so on. Up to date, traces of that seemingly historical, colonial racism can be found in the way we perceive things.

Here is how racism works:

  • Racism stresses differences.
  • Racism generalises individual actions.
  • Racism makes objects out of “the others”.
  • Racism biologises. It attributes cultural and personal talents or behaviours to physical features.
  • Racism converts others into Others, as if we were not all human beings.
  • Racism upvalues one’s own group and downgrades the Others.

The problem with language

Ideas are expressed through language. Language transports colonial luggage.

As travellers we are tempted to name the same things differently. Let me tell you the story of my house. Password: Racism

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